Use Case: Intelligent Geo-enrichment

Extract hidden value in geographic location data with fully automated geo-based semantic enrichment

The problem for the transportation sector

In many sectors, significant amounts of data are generated during daily operations that are not insightful in their raw format. For example, in the transportation sector, a deluge of GPS-coordinates are captured on a daily basis as goods are transported between locations. Plotting the GPS-coordinates on a map for visual inspection is easy, but extracting value from these data points through data analysis difficult because the coordinates are too granular to aggregate meaningfully.

Our solution

Inspirient's fully automated analytics platform detects geo-related data, such as GPS-coordinates, postal codes, cities, etc. and automatically enriches it with relevant external information for further analysis. For example, GPS-coordinates are automatically enriched with postal codes, city, state, country or even with the result of more complex, custom algorithms — one of our clients from the railway industry uses our solution to locate each of their wagons at the exact railway-section and train station for any given time from the raw GPS-coordinates (read in detail).

Why Inspirient?

Realize the full value from your geographic location data with minimal effort with Inspirient's intelligent geo-enrichment.

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The Inspirient Automated Analytics Engine automates the entire data analytics process end-to-end: From the assignment of input data, pattern and outlier detection, automated visualization of patterns, weak points and opportunities to automatic generation of textual explanations and recognition of the underlying relationships and rules. Most other analytics solutions rarely include these textual explanations and observations regarding the underlying data relations, which are both critical to provide a deeper level of analysis and more actionable conclusions.

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