Use Case: Customer Contact Analysis

Better understand your customers' needs and expectations to deliver a more effective customer service

The problem for customer service departments

As companies put more and more emphasis on an optimal customer service to differentiate themselves from competition, customer needs and expectations logically also increase. This means that companies must first ensure they truly understand their customers' expectations and then do the utmost possible to meet them or risk losing them.

Our solution

The Inspirient Automated Analytics Engine is able to ingest masses of customer feedback and metrics from different channels, including free text, to extract the topics and their context (the semantics) as well as the attitudes that clients have towards these topics (their sentiment). The Fraunhofer IAIS RuleCreator is used in combination to automatically infer the key drivers of positive and negative sentiment as understandable observations that business stakeholders can prioritize and act upon.

Why Inspirient?

Increase customer satisfaction by truly understanding your customer needs and expectations with unparalleled agility and minimal risk since Inspirient's AI-enabled solution automates automates parts of the analysis that would normally be performed by a human analyst.

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The Inspirient Automated Analytics Engine automates the entire data analytics process end-to-end: From the assignment of input data, pattern and outlier detection, automated visualization of patterns, weak points and opportunities to automatic generation of textual explanations and recognition of the underlying relationships and rules. Most other analytics solutions rarely include these textual explanations and observations regarding the underlying data relations, which are both critical to provide a deeper level of analysis and more actionable conclusions.

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