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Generate New Value from Your Data with Cognitive Analytics

Our AI-driven analytics platform can be easily customized to match client requirements in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), Anomaly Detection, and Automated Analytics.

Intelligent Process Automation

We pragmatically blend rule-based data processing and Machine Learning (ML) to fully automate clients’ data-centric business processes, incl., custom pricing, end-users’ requests processing (e.g., insurance claims), or compliance (e.g., expense appraisal).

For our clients, this results in reduced cost for these processes, while at the same time often improving accuracy vs. their current setup.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) architecture
Diagram: Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) architecture

Anomaly Detection

We use advanced anomaly detection to automatically spot unusual patterns in both financial and operational data, e.g., to improve compliance, prevent fraud, or optimize operational processes such as factory floor operations.

For our clients, this results in reduced operational risk, even in changing and adversarial business conditions.

Review Use Case
As co-presented with BNP Paribas
at Big-Data.AI Summit 2018
Prioritized business insights for review
Screenshot: Automatically identified anomalies, prioritized by relevance

Automated Analytics

We employ methods adapted from probabilistic reasoning and procedural generation to fully automate the data analysis process, end-to-end from tabular raw data to presentation-ready management slides.

This helps our clients, to bridge the gap between data science and business decision makers, and more quickly discover and act upon strategically critical insights in their data.

Review Use Case
As co-presented with DB Station&Service AG
at Big Data Summit 2017
Video: 2-minute hands-on demo of Automated Analytics

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