Find new insights in your data. Right now.

Inspirient automatically identifies new and relevant insights in business data without preparation — saving you up to 90% of your time!

Find new insights in your data without data wrangling.

Immediate insights

Find relevant insights in structured data automatically and within minutes. Inspirient's artificial intelligence runs relevant analyses, prioritizes results, and delivers them as easy-to-understand management slides — no matter if it's sales, production, financial, or any other data.

Prioritized business insights you can search in
Screenshot: Immediate analysis results, prioritized by relevance

No data wrangling

Don't spend the majority of your time preparing your data for analysis. Inspirient's artificial intelligence automatically finds relevant relations in your data and harmonizes dates, country codes, number formats, currencies, and more.

Screenshot: Data upload and automated analysis

Comprehensive results

Go beyond the obvious and automatically discover unexpected outliers, trends and hotspots. Let us run a comprehensive set of analyses on your entire data, to make sure you don't miss the smoking gun.

Screenshot: Detailed view of identified hotspot and related insights

Inspirient enables you to think about results, not data.

90% less working time

Run comprehensive analyses in minutes.
Transform and model your data automatically.
Get results on business-ready management slides.

Easy to use

Get to insights by simply providing your data.
Insights presented based on top-consulting practices.
No training or technical skills required.

Comprehensive results

Identify all relevant insights in all your data.
Analyze your entire data, even under time constraints.
Spot any interesting pattern, outlier or trend.


Identify, share and discuss findings with your team.
Works from anywhere: mobile, tablet, desktop.

From data to insights — in three simple steps

1. Provide your data

Provide data, regardless of source, structure or size
(e.g., via Excel or CSV files).

2. Let us analyze the data

Let Inspirient intelligently harmonize, analyze and visualize your data.

3. Discover insights

Discover relevant business insights and take data-driven action.

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Frequently asked questions

You can provide any structured data ('tables') via Excel files and CSV files, or by connecting Inspirient with a relational database. Please get in touch to find out if your data source is supported.
You can use Inspirient as a cloud service or as an on-premise solution (on your own IT infrastructure).
The pricing depends on the data-storage location (online vs. on-premise) and the data volume you'd like to analyze. Please have a look at our pricing page for more details.
Yes. We are able to teach our artificial intelligence so it can handle new data formats and analyses. Please get in touch to find out if the analyses you are looking for are already supported.
If you are using our on-premise version, all data stay within your own IT infrastructure and can only be accessed by your staff.

For our online version, we use state-of-the-art data encryption to ensure your data is securely transferred and stored. Moreover, our servers are located in certified German data centers, to ensure highest data privacy standards apply.
Please have a look at our privacy policy for more details.

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