Case Study: Profit Driver Analysis

We all want to increase profit — the crux is knowing how to move the needle!

The Business Challenge

In this digital age, companies have access to nearly every piece of information about their business, from publicly available social media posts, website traffic logs, customer data, all the way down to individual sales transactions. The difficulty, for most companies, is making sense of all these data and extracting the most important insights, for example, are there factors driving profit that are being missed?

Companies already know the obvious profit drivers. For instance, always meeting customer expectations and providing a great customer service will drive repeat business. But what about the not-so-obvious drivers? For example, demand for a specific product may be suddenly rising in a paticular location, or acquisitions from a new customer segment may be growing, and, very importantly, what is the cost impact of these sudden changes?

The Solution — Inspirient's Profit Driver Analysis

Inspirient's profit driver analysis employs the Fraunhofer IAIS RuleCreator to surface the most significant revenue and cost drivers in a transactional dataset through weighted covering subgroup search. Each result indicates a pocket of opportunity with an estimated profit impact and is presented as an easy-to-understand measure that the business can prioritize and act upon.

Inspirient's fully automated AI-enabled Profit Driver Analysis includes:
  • Data quality assessment and auto-prioritization of mitigation actions
  • Data consolidation, standardization and intelligent enrichment
  • Comprehensive revenue and cost driver detection from many explaining variables
  • Profit impact estimation for each discovered driver
  • Presentation of prioritized profit optimization measures as easy-to-understand rules
Automatically generated example output


If your company has a digital record of sales transactions then Inspirient's Profit Driver Analysis is for you.

Inspirient's Profit Driver Analysis employs probabilistic reasoning and procedural generation to fully automate the data analysis process, end-to-end from tabular raw data to understandable, fully narrated business presentations

The requirements for an analysis are:
  • A sales transaction table where each row is a unique transaction
  • The table must contain a column with the total sale amount
  • The table should contain a column with either a cost or profit metric
  • Finally, include any descriptive variables that can be used to drill-down on pockets of profitability opportunities, e.g., transaction date, product and customer information, location, etc.

Yes, Inspirient's Profit Driver Analysis can be tried out with your own data through a personal demo. Please get in touch and book a demo.

In case your data is sensitive, please get in touch and we will be happy to prepare a mutual non-disclosure agreement in advance, or, we can provide you with a sample dataset.

Currently, we are offering customer-specific pricing models which will depend on your analysis frequency and volume. Please contact us for an individual quote.

Inspirient's Profit Driver Analysis is intended to work 'out-of-the-box' which means there is no implementation effort for the online version of the service.

For on-site or third-party cloud provider deployment, the typical implementation effort is less than an hour if your system is running a Docker instance.

Implementation estimation for fully customized deployments available on request.

By default, Inspirient stores and processes client data only under European jurisdiction, specifically in Germany and under German jurisdiction.

At Inspirient, we do not perform any additional data processing in addition to the service advertised to and agreed upon with our clients, and we most definitely do not share client data with third parties. We also strictly limit access to client data using a granular user model, to ensure that no user is granted more access than strictly required on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

Why Inspirient?

Since 2016, we have been helping our customers unlock the value hidden in their data through a unique blend of robust Data Science and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence. Our agile, AI-enabled approach enables our clients to de-risk data-centric projects and processes through Automated Analytics, achieve superior efficiency through Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), and drive strategic initiatives with confidence.

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