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Inspirient Receives 2023 MRS Operations Award in "Best Data Solution" Category


Berlin, Germany / London, UK – 4 October 2023 – Inspirient, a leader in AI-driven data analytics, proudly accepted last Thursday the prestigious "Best Data Solution" award at the 2023 MRS Operations Awards Gala. This recognition marks a significant milestone in our journey, reaffirming the profound impact of AI when harnessed in collaboration with exceptional partners possessing unparalleled subject matter expertise.

In their evaluation, the expert jury focused in particular on how the integration with Large Language Models, e.g., ChatGPT, complements the automated statistical analysis:

“We were particularly impressed by [Inspirient’s] Automated Analytics Engine. This tool massively reduces the time needed to conduct the project end to end. It validates the responses ensuring rapid quality control checks and enables deep statistical dives on the data. It also incorporates the benefits of ChatGPT. In summary delivering better insights, quicker to their clients.”

Inspirient's founders, Dr. Georg Wittenburg and Dr. Guillaume Aimetti, express their excitement about this accolade. Dr. Wittenburg shares: "We are thrilled by this recognition and believe it underscores the power of synergy between AI innovation and outstanding domain knowledge." Dr. Aimetti adds: "Our partnership with Kantar Public exemplifies the potential of AI when guided by experts who understand the intricacies of their field."

Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Award - Best Data Solution 2023

AI-Powered Data Analytics Redefined

Inspirient is at the forefront of AI-driven data analytics, pioneering an automated approach that covers a spectrum of data types, from survey and polling data to financial records, operational data, and sensor measurements. This transformative technology dramatically enhances data analytics efficiency, enabling organizations to focus their data professionals on high-value, in-depth analysis, unearthing insights that defy traditional methods.

Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer, who invested in Inspirient as soon as the company was founded in 2016, explains the fundamental impact of this technology:

“Inspirient's success serves to illustrate that in many industries, and in some jobs as new as that of a Data Scientist, we are only beginning to see the automation potential enabled by AI. However, trustworthy results do not come for free, but rather need close alignment with client experts to get right – which is exactly the guiding principle Inspirient followed to deserve this award!”

Trustworthy Automated Survey Analysis Powered by Generative AI

Collaborating with Kantar Public Germany's Innovation Hub, Inspirient's Automated Analytics Engine has revolutionized survey analytics. This includes data validation, cleaning, aggregations, cross-tabulations, statistical analyses, prioritization, and the generation of textual deliverables using Generative AI, such as ChatGPT. This end-to-end automation slashes the time required for complex analyses, making timely insights more accessible.

Alexandra Strauß, Senior Consultant at Kantar Public, underscores the efficiency gained:

“What used to take hours or days can now be accomplished in just 15 minutes!"”

Inspirient's unique approach extends beyond automated survey analysis. It empowers organizations with support for data exploration and the production of textual deliverables, streamlining report generation, summaries, and textual analyses using advanced AI technologies.

By receiving the  Best Data Solution  award at the 2023 MRS Operations Awards, Inspirient solidifies its commitment to advancing data analytics and empowering businesses to make faster, more effective data-driven decisions.

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Inspirient, part of the IDS Scheer Network, is a leader in AI-driven data analytics, offering automated solutions that expedite the analysis process, ultimately unveiling hidden insights within data. The company empowers data professionals to concentrate on higher-value tasks while delivering actionable insights in minimal time. For more information, visit

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